Bull Sale

Please join us on Saturday, March 17, 2018 for our 15th annual open house and  bull sale.  Arrive at 3825 S Binford Rd, Carthage, IN at 10am to get plenty of time to view the bulls and get all of your questions answered. The huge majority of our buyers get the bulls that really fit their goals and we want that number to be 100% in 2018. We know the bulls. We know the sires and cow families. We want you to get the best bull for your herd.

 Lunch at 11:30, sale starts at 1:00 and it will be over by 2:15, so you can get home to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

 We will have 36 bulls for sale; our biggest sale ever with 22 Balancers, 6 SimAngus, 4 Calving Ease Black Angus, 3 Red Angus and 1 Red Baldy, Hereford-Red Angus composite. We are confident that these bulls will be herd improvers for their new owners. They have been grown on a high roughage ration of corn silage, hay and distillers. They will go home with you, get cows pregnant and keep their flesh during breeding season. If you have purchased fat bulls in the past that fell to pieces, you will be pleasantly surprised. If you have purchased  from us in the past, you will again get a bull that is an athlete, not a couch potato.


I have worked with beef producers as a herd health veterinarian for over 30 years and these producers have taught me what is important to them. Our cattle are bred with these goals in mind.


   – Calving ease                                    – Calf vigor at birth

   – Excellent disposition                     – Plenty of growth

   – Moderate milk                               – Moderate frame   

   – Fleshing ability                              – Superior maternal traits   

   – Tremendous carcass                                                                 

In my “day job” I see numerous “problem” cattle. I do not want any of these problems with my own cattle.