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We have 4 herd-improving Balancer bulls for sale. Two of the bulls are 5 star calving ease bulls that will work well on heifers. They are low birthweight, calving ease bulls that you will appreciate next spring. All of the bulls are rated 4 or 5 stars for docility which means quiet bulls that sire calm calves.

Our bulls will sire calves with moderate birthweights, outstanding vigor at birth, superior growth, and tremendous carcass. They will sire those high fertility, easy-keeping females that stay in your herd for 12-15 years.

Call Mark, DJ or Chris to ask about the bulls. As always, our goal is for you to get the best bull for your herd goals.

(*Note – Photo above – MBCC Personal trucking crew – Bill and Marilyn Hilton – over 100 years combined experience!)

About MBCC

I have worked with beef producers as a herd health veterinarian for over 30 years and these producers have taught me what is important to them. Our cattle are bred with these goals in mind.

– Calving ease                        –  Calf vigor at birth

– Excellent disposition         – Plenty of growth

– Moderate milk                    – Moderate frame

– Fleshing ability                   – Superior maternal traits

– Tremendous carcass

In my “day job” I see numerous “problem” cattle. I do not want any of these problems with my own cattle.